“This story is the Pilgrim’s Progress of our generation.” – Tyson Moore, Pastor, Recording Artist and Teacher.

“Rowling meets C.S. Lewis set in a Tolkien world.”- Michael Sherrard, Pastor and Apologist

“The story is a classic fantasy quest, but is by no means a crass copying of any story with which I am familiar, and fantasy and science fiction are my favorite genres both as a reader and writer. The story, characters, and lands are all interesting and well depicted, and the reader is carried along both with the external events and with the struggles within the characters. The magic lantern and the light versus darkness motif, both literally and symbolically, are central to the story. If the other three books are as good as this one, this could prove to be one of the major fantasy works of our time.” -Forrest W. Schultz, Southside Book Reviews

“Awakening is a brilliant book especially when considered it is (Higgins) first. If you are a fan of Lord Of The Rings and The Narnia story then this will be a pleasure to read. Deep with symbolism and spiritual meaning and thoroughly entertaining…you’ll yearn to see what happens next!” – Andy Hinesley – Red Letter Generation

“Awakening was beautifully written. I loved the symbolism and allegory– it was even scary in parts. It took me to a place of creativity and adventure, and I had a childlike feeling when I read it.” – Quinn Leggitt, previous student of Dylan Higgins.

“Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing your talent! You were great with the kids. I was amazed how 400 8th graders sat so quietly and listened to you! Your whole presentation was awesome. Telling the kids how you came up with the idea of writing, letting them know the process and how long it can take was an eye opener for some of them. I know they enjoyed your music and you reading your book to them. Thanks again for taking the time and sharing your love of books and music with our kids!”- Elizabeth McCullough, Ed.S., Rising Starr Middle School

“Author of the newly published book Awakening, Dylan Higgins, and his Sleepy Turtle folk band captured the hearts of the 8th grade students and teachers at Rising Starr Middle on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 in the Willie Dukes Auditorium. As he read an excerpt from the book, the students listened intently. They joined in with the music clapping in time and asking for more. Afterward teachers and students flocked about to buy and have him autograph his new book.What a great kick off for the Georgia authors’ unit!”- Beth Gaskins, Rising Starr Middle School