Fan Art

Ethan & Eisley
By Kori Kates

"Ethan and Eisley held high the Magic Lantern..."
By Mason Morris

A Light Up Ahead
By Emily Jury

Ethan and Eisley
By Mark Fain

Miniature of Gloam, Deadwood and Luminae!
By Chloe Miller
"Ethan and Eisley held high the Magic Lantern..."
by Taylor Ogburn
The Magic Lantern, Smarr, and the Ancients
By Ethan Higgins

Ethan and Eisley with their swords!
By Ellie Long

By Ellie Long

The mysterious flakes that appear in Gloam!
By Katie Brown

A replica of the twins' swords: Geong ond Boud!
By Joey DeNell

The Magic Lantern!
By Robert Higgins (great last name!)

"One of the favorite memories of all that both Ethan and Eisley shared
with their parents was the numerous nights spent around the fire singing
songs and dancing together."
By Mike Vanklaveren and Jessie Carroll
Ethan, Eisley, and a Sleepy Turtle
By Natalie T.