Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Published Edition of Awakening!

Awakening is being re-released through Hill Harow Books, a publishing venture that I'm a part of. Above you can see a sneak peak of what the new cover art will look like. The story line remained the same in the Hill Harow Release. So if you've read it already don't worry about that! I've just revisited the book's style, sprucing it up to match the feel of the second book, due out at Christmas! In addition Mikael Jury has added a few more illustration to the novel to round it out a bit more. Further, Hill Harow's editor, Joanna Jury, has added her magic to Awakening as well. I hope that you find that the new version looks and flows better.

As a gift to those who have already purchased the original version, I will be selling the new version for $8! It will be available in mid September!

Further up, Further in,
Dylan Higgins