Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creating a Soundtrack

In addition to the novel I am creating an original score to coincide with the book. So far I have written and recorded three songs: 
  1. The Emblem & The Lantern (Main Theme)
  2. Gloam's Theme
  3. The Battle at Smarr Mountain
I have had an amazing time writing these songs. The best part is that these tunes are what I've heard in my head as I've been writing the book. For instance, the main theme was a prevalent tune I heard as certain important items are discovered on Ethan and Eisley's journey and as they adventure of into the Camel Back Mountains. Once I have finished mixing these songs I'll put them up on the site for download.

I intend for this soundtrack to be listened to as you read the book to add another dimension to the story. Where did I get this idea you might wonder. Well, I once read a Star Wars book called Shadows of the Empire that took place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Shadows had a soundtrack that accompanied the book, which I purchased along with the novel. As I read the book and listened to the soundtrack that was composed specifically for the different scenes from the novel I fell in love with the combined experience. Let me be quite clear that my soundtrack will not be nearly as epic as the Star Wars soundtrack becuase I am not the London Symphony Orchestra (sorry to disappoint).  I do believe, however, that it will be a great thing to own along side the book.

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